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A semi-long version of the Saltiga TB jig that responds to quick rod work is now available.

A semi-long version that takes advantage of the action of the TB jig and responds to rod work with a quicker response.

A sharp action can quickly turn on the target's predation switch and bring the activity to its peak all at once. 

■Asymmetric thin semi-long body for quick response.Natural fall and fast rise.

TB Jig 2 has completed these two propositions at a high level. Although designed to be as thin as possible, the shape has a keel at the center of the side to ensure sufficient strength. The fall is a natural fall that takes advantage of the characteristics of the thin body. Once in the jerk, the asymmetrical body allows for a quick start-up. The body edge of TB Jig 2 has been tuned, which also contributes to reducing pulling resistance.

■Side slide keel that achieves directional stability Arranged on the side, which is a feature of the TB jig. The slide keel is a special item that guides the jig in the direction you want it to fly underwater. Another great achievement of this keel is that it responds sensitively to rod work. semi-long